We believe beer making is an art form, with every brew carefully curated from start to finish.

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Vis Major

A story behind the name

The name Vis Major, Latin for "Act of God," is inspired by the history of fermentation by Belgian farmers. At the end of harvest, farmers would crush and boil remaining grains and leave them in open casks. Wild yeast unknowingly blew in, fermenting the wort, but they believed it was an act of God that turned it into beer.

About Us

Vis Major Brewing is co-founded by husband and wife team, Tom and Lindsey Clements. VMB strives to create a community-centric brewery, producing quality beer with balance, character and complexity. We strive to push the palate of the true craft beer drinker by treating beer making as an art form, pouring our passion into pints. Like any home-brewer, we began with an IPA kit in 2011, with Tom advancing to brewing all-grain a year later. Through extensive collaboration and experimentation we have 5 flagship recipes and many more lined up to rock the Omaha market.


At first glance you wouldn't expect Tom's background in Aircraft Maintenance and the Marines to translate to brewing, but it requires the same amount of attention to detail, mechanical development and hard work. Tom has the ability to think fast and problem solve the trickiest scenarios. This applies to developing recipes and understanding the brewing equipment.


Lindsey has been lucky enough to work in the local craft beer market for nearly three years as a Sales Representative for an independent distributor. This experience allows her to deeply understand the local market and learn the trends within the craft movement. She takes this knowledge and applies it to the recipes with Tom to ensure that it's absolutely the best beer it can be.

The Family

Vis Major's beer menu

  • Flagship Beers
  • Seasonal
  • Specialty Series
  • Limited Release
*Beers available year round

Amen American Wheat

5.4% ABV

An unfiltered wheat designed with a rich, malty body in mind, and crisp, citrus flavor. A beer so drinkable, you'll want to throw your hands up and holler, AMEN!

Psalm Saison

8.9% ABV

An Imperial Saison, captures the zesty-spiced characteristics of a traditional saison while amplifying the malty body and creamy head, resulting in a high-gravity thirst quencher.

Convert Citra IPA

7.5% ABV

Designed as a SMASH beer, using a Single Malt and Single Hop, the Convert IPA beautifully showcases all that the Citra hop has to offer! With an appearance of pale yellow, the aroma and flavor capture the luscious tropical, floral and citrus notes with balance, crisp clarity, and subtle bitterness. If you didn't love IPA's before, this is sure to make you a believer.

9th Plague Black IPA

8.5% ABV

This Imperial Black IPA was named after the ninth plague of darkness scourging the Egyptian's in Biblical times. Bold dark malts with roasted chocolate flavor create a sweet foundation while paired with bold bittering hops for the finish. We love a good IPA even when it's a bit sinister.

Almighty Stout

8.5% ABV

A chocolate oatmeal stout with a velvety smooth mouth-feel and rich chocolate finish. The balance of aroma and flavor makes it easy to savor year-round.

Vis Major's

Every city has a brewery that is uniquely its own. The values, culture, and care of a community is evidenced in a taproom that is bustling with laughter and connections between patrons. At Vis Major Brewing, we believe we are that brewery for Omaha. Our understanding of the craft palate blends perfectly with our accessible flavors that both revive and delight a variety of preferences.

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